Records Management Job Description and Qualifications

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Records Management Job Description

Records management job description is needed for you who are working in the Recording center. For your information, many people are involved in a recording. The number of people involved must have different tasks. How are your tasks and roles in a recording? Knowing about each person’s work in a recording management is very important.

Records management specialist job description will help someone who is involved in a recording. By knowing the duties and responsibilities of each, then all parties can implement what should be done. You can play an active role so that the recording process can run smoothly and correctly. Without knowing the exact job description, it is not possible all of these things you can do.

Records Management Specialist Job

The records management coordinator job description is different with the job of the chief executive officer. So, you can differentiate about some job description for the people in records management below!

    1. Ceo (Chief Executive Officer)

      The CEO is the leader of the company. In record label management, it holds the highest power. His responsibilities oversee all companies under his shelter.

    2. President

      The President is responsible for running the management of a record label & directly responsible to the CEO. When the record label has gone out of business, it is held accountable for it. In carrying out its duties, a President is assisted by the departments below him in achieving the goal of producing a large Bottom Line. Therefore it is same to achieve substantial revenue also in the sale of recordings.

    3. Art Department

      This department is more concerned with the world of art, mainly related to the world of design such as album cover, press advertising design, posters, etc. It is related to the world of design and print printing. This department is responsible for managing the marketing of every recording album ready for release. They are also involved in coordinating matters relating to promotion, publicity, and sales reports to every recording.

    4. Publicity Department

      For the records management role description for publicity department, it is responsible for the preparation of things that smelled of documentation, such as collecting feature articles, interviews or reviews of record albums from various newspapers, magazines, tabloids to webzines who wrote musicians on the record label. Even, in making a summary of the press or news coverage of the electronic mass media such as radio, television.

    5. Promotion Department

      The department deals with matters relating to album promotion. Especially for new album releases, such as single hits on radios to play and then send video clips to television stations. On some record labels, this Promotion Department becomes part of New Media Department.


Many music practitioners say that the success of an album apart from its excellent music quality also depends on the broadest way of promotion. Especially promotion on radio and television is considered very effective. The department is constantly in touch & communicates continuously with other departments to ensure that the strategies used in the marketing and sales of the album can successfully reach the target or target.

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